pond-friendly sensor float

otterbuoy® provides a safe and efficient means of mounting and accessing sensors in wastewater treatment ponds with side slopes.

otterbuoy® features a 6.5m swing-arm designed to extend into the pond and therefore reach out to deeper water. The swing-arm is positioned using two stability cables.

otterbuoy® incorporates a trolley base with three wheels orientated to match the arc scribed by the swing-arm when traversing up or down the side slope. The two stability cables double as draws lines for launch and retrieval.


otterbuoy® is designed to swivel towards the berm, in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, using the stability cables as draw lines.

The 6.5m fully articulated swing-arm bollard connection allows for any side slope angle.

The three wheels on the trolley base are orientated such that the centreline of each wheel is on an arc determined by the length of the swing-arm.

The trolley design allows off-water launch and retrieval as well as no requirement for lifting gear.


– Designed for ponds with side slope

key benefits

– Easy to launch and retrieve

– Adaptable to any sensor configuration


– Multiple mounting options to suit any sensor

– Swing-arm acts as a conduit for signal cables and air lines

– Wheels allow otterbuoy® to roll up the side slope for maintenance. The stability cables double as draw lines for retrieval

– Slide-and-swivel DO probe mounting allows ease of access for cleaning

– Self-drilling ground screw anchors allow installation with handheld power tools

– The trolley base provides protection for the sensors and a stable support when sitting in the berm


– Stainless steel construction – AISI 304L or 316L

– 750mm dia. closed cell PU foam filled float

– 6.5m fully-articulated 60mm SHS swing-arm

– Tubular trolley base c/w Nylon wheels

– Ground screw anchors c/w SS stability cables


– 6.5m using the swing-arm

Using the cable mooring system, with provision for 3 or 4 cable connection points, the otterbuoy® range can be extended to any location in the pond 

Otterbuoy Brochure