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Application engineering

Selection + Sizing

Water and wastewater engineering is a diverse field requiring a diverse range of equipment and technologies. Correct selection and sizing ensure optimal results, longest service life, lowest maintenance and the most cost-effective solution.

Aeris Global offers the full range of aquaturbo® mechanical aerators encompassing high and low-speed; fixed and floating; surface and bottom; radial and directional; self-aspirating and forced air.

Complimentary products include a wide range of aquaturbo® mixers and aquadecant® floating decanters. The ever-increasing range of proprietary Aeris Global products include aercable Cable Management Accessories; otterdock Safe Docking Platform and otterpontoon Safe Access Platform.

Tech Data Sheets

Application engineers are available to offer advice and technical support in the selection and sizing of equipment for your application. To assist our engineers to provide accurate and comprehensive recommendations please complete and submit the online enquiry form.

We like drawings!

Drawings, hand sketches, flow sheets, plant schematics etc. all help to paint an accurate picture of the application. The more complete the input data the more complete the design calcs and recommendation will be.


Scope of Services

The Aeris Global engineering department operates Autodesk Inventor Professional and offers a comprehensive range of services including aeration, mixing and decanting design; 3D modelling; FEA (Finite Element Analysis); CFD modelling (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and Total Sound Pressure analysis.

Numerous proprietary programs are used for process, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and acoustic design, as part of the equipment selection, sizing and detailed design phases; included oxygen demand, velocity profile, primary and secondary flow, volume turnover, mooring and mounting forces, static and dynamic loadings, sound pressure etc.

Equipment Design

All aquaturbo® products are available as “Standard”, “Option” or “Special” versions. For example, the “Standard” material of construction for most products is AISI 304 stainless steel but 316 is available as an “Option”. Other grades of stainless steel are available on “Special” order. Likewise, each Model AER-AS aerator has a “Standard” float diameter and “Standard” draft but reduced or enlarged floats and reduced or extended draft are available as an “Option” as required to suit water level, water level variation, basin construction, wastewater characteristics, mixing energy, duty cycle and the influence of other equipment. Contract design of “Special” versions for project or site-specific applications is available upon request.

Mooring/Mounting Design

The selection and design of the appropriate mooring or mounting system is of critical importance to the product design and integral to the performance, maintenance and longevity of the system.

Electrical Cable Design

Correct electrical cable sizing, selection and routing is critical to the successful operation, longevity and safety of floating equipment. Sizing, of electrical cables, by suitably qualified and experienced personnel is a standard practice however cable management is equally important. Correct cable management is essential for equal weight distribution and to avoid impeding the operation of the equipment. Strain reliefs are installed to eliminate strain on cable connections, glands and junction boxes.

Maintenance Design

In response to a growing awareness of safe work practice around floating equipment Aeris Global has developed two new products specifically designed to provide safe and controlled contact with floating aerators and mixers; OtterDock – Safe Docking Platform for “Off-Water” procedures and OtterPontoon – Safe Access Platform for “On-Water” procedures.


We manufacture a wide range of products and accessories from our comprehensive Wanaka based facility. Manufacturing products to a high-standard of quality and consistency requires a combination of modern technology and highly skilled tradesmen.

Aeris Global utilizes the very latest manufacturing methods and employs a diverse range of talent with unique skillsets.


System Solution

Aeris Global provide a system solution incorporating all accessories necessary to install the equipment. The scope of supply for a typical project usually includes the following components:

  • aquaturbo® Aerator/s
  • aquaturbo® Mixer/s
  • aercable Power and Mooring Cable
  • aercable Cable Management Accessories
  • aeris.anchor Multi-function Mooring System
Specialized additions
  • otterdock Safe Docking Platform
  • otterpontoon Safe Access Platform
  • Alternate Installation Systems – Swing-arm, Guide Rail
  • aquadecant® Floating Decanter/s – Permanently open or mechanically closing; gravity or pump

Project Management

Aeris Global has a team of highly experienced project managers and engineers with an unblemished track record of completing projects on schedule and within budget.

The team uses Microsoft Project to produce Gantt chart works programs.

O + M Manuals

All Aeris Global equipment is supplied with Operations & Maintenance Manuals in either hardcopy or electronic format.

Commissioning Record

If Aeris Global personnel are in attendance for start-up a commissioning record is provided in hardcopy and/or electronic format.



Aeris Global operates four bank accounts as follows:

  • NZD New Zealand Dollar
  • AUD Australian Dollar
  • EUR Euro
  • USD United States Dollar

Projects can be quoted and paid in any of the above currencies. Other currency options are available upon request.

Fixed Price Contracts

To avoid the potential risk of cost increases through foreign exchange movement during the contract term Aeris Global provide the option of FFEC (Fixed Forward Exchange Contract), which fix the exchange rate between any of the trading currencies for a predetermined period.


Aeris Global can provide finance to approved purchasers if the project and/or enduser payment terms vary from the manufacturers requisites. Special conditions apply.


Aeris Global can provide equipment for medium or long term lease to approved clients. Special conditions apply.



Aeris Global coordinate all packaging and loading of containers in accordance with the packing standard of the receiving country. All timber used in the construction of crates, pallets, packaging or dunnage is heated treated in accordance with ISPM 15 standard.


Aeris Global prepare all original international documentation including Bill of Lading, Packing List, Packing Declaration and Commercial Invoices. Consignments typically ship on the most direct voyage to the receiving country and port of discharge.


Aeris Global covers all international and goods in transit insurance from the factory to either the port of discharge or the ultimate destination depending upon the terms of contract.

Local Services

Upon arrival at the port of discharge Aeris Global coordinate the clearance and payment of all associated charges. Following clearance containers are moved to an approved site where devanning occurs. Delivery to site is carried out in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Field Services

Aeris Global provide a full range of field service options for new installations as follows:

Level 1. Verification of correct installation; supervision of start-up; sign-off upon compliance 

Level 2. Supervision of assembly, installation and start-up; sign-off upon compliance 

Level 3. Assembly, installation and start-up; sign-off upon compliance