Nothing aerates like AquaTurbo®

Many aerators have come and gone over the past 40-years but AquaTurbo® AER-AS Surface Aerator remains the tried-and-true market leader.

AquaTurbo® AER-AS Surface Aerator stands the test of time

Performance in the field is unsurpassed by any other surface aerator, in fact any other aerator, in the world. Tick the boxes and compare AquaTurbo® AER-AS with any other aeration technology. When all factors are considered AquaTurbo® AER-AS comes out on top every time.
  • Outstanding efficiency in wastewater 
  • Zero drop-off in efficiency over time 
  • Exceptional mixing and oxygen dispersion 
  • Adaptable to suit any water level 
  • Water level does not affect efficiency 
  • Suitable for any lagoon, tank or ditch; any shape, any size 
  • Suitable for fixed and variable frequency operation 
  • Unparalleled water-cooling capabilities – adjustable rate 
  • Low-noise operation 
  • Low-aerosol production and low-odour migration 
  • Ease of installation – Even whilst the plant remains online 
  • Ease of maintenance 
  • Simplicity of design and operation: no gearbox, no submerged bearings, no mechanical seals, no oil, no variable speed drives, no blowers, no pipework or valves 
  • Long service life – no consumable parts, no opposing wear surfaces
  • 100% stainless steel construction