The key to AQUATURBO®

It is a centrifugal impeller using a two-start Archimedean helix with an integral top plate designed to perform multiple functions as follows:

  • The high velocity discharge hits the water surface at a low impact angle resulting in virtually all kinetic energy being transmitted to the water surface. This means the water surface is rapidly renewed so water with low oxygen concentration is brought into contact with air. The exceptionally high Renewal Rate at the contact surface capitalises on the principle of Oxygen Deficit.
  • Creates enormous oxygen dispersion diameters.
  • Horizontal velocity “injects” the discharge back into the basin and, in-doing-so, maintains control over the velocity so aerosol and odour drift are mitigated.
  • Exceptional pumping efficiency is close to that of a volumetric screw pump and the gentle action of the sweeping flights minimises damage to delicate flocs.
  • Minimises hydraulic losses from the instantaneous change in direction from axial suction flow to radial discharge flow.
  • Pumped flow impacts the plate during the change of direction and in doing so equalises axial loadings on motor bearings.
  • Prevents water entering the motor by acting as a slinger plate.
  • The reason for the top plate being far heavier than is required to redirect the flow is to position the centre of rotating mass as close as possible to the drive-end motor bearing.
  • The combined benefits of the Screwpeller®
  • The one-piece stainless steel impeller eliminates support bearings, wear sleeves and couplings along with all associated maintenance issues.
  • The high horizontal velocity at the surface creates a cylindrical mixing pattern moving upper and lower laminar layers in opposite directions creating laminar shear and mid-layer rotation. This mixing pattern maximises bubble dwell time by inhibiting the natural path of bubbles to the surface.
Below: CFD image showing change in oxygen concentration in accordance with continuous contact area renewal generated by the action.