The evolution of a new business identity

Last year, Aquasystems Australasia Limited changed its name to Aeris Global Limited.

Why did we change our name?

Aquasystems Australasia Limited was formed many years ago to reflect the long-standing relationship with Belgium based supplier, Aquasystems International NV. The product range of each company was identical, so it made sense to create some commonality between the two.

However, as the business continued to evolve, so too did the range of proprietary products and expansion of the Wanaka based manufacturing plant.

The evolution drove the requirement for a new business identity – but why Aeris Global?

AERIS is Latin for air. Air is integral to aerobic wastewater treatment and therefore fundamental to our business.

The Aeris Global product range continues to feature all aquaturbo® Aerators and Mixers as well as aquadecant® Floating Decanters.

Proprietary Aeris Global products now include:
otterdock® – Safe Docking Platform;
otterpontoon® – Safe Access Pontoon;
aerisanchor® – Multi-function Mooring System and the ever-increasing aercable® – Cable Management System.