Tatua Dairy Wastewater Treatment Plant project.

Aeris Global ends 2019 with award of the Tatua Dairy WWTP project.
The design by Pattle Delamore Partners incorporates two basins each containing four 110kW aquaturbo® AER-AS Floating Surface Aerators.

Stage Two will increase the total aeration energy from 880kW to 1,320kW. The plant will include the full complement of Aeris products including otterdock®- Safe Docking Platforms. Gaining access to floating equipment for inspection, service and removal represents the potential for serious harm but otterdock® allows necessary tasks to be performed in a controlled manner, therefore mitigating or eliminating all forms of harm. otterdock® allows personnel to retrieve equipment to the safety of the platform rather than going to the equipment.

The plant also features aerisanchor® – Multi-function Mooring System and aercable® – Cable Management System. Other offerings from the Wanaka based, Aeris design team include self-braking cable management spools and multi-fit power cable strain relief clamps. The clamps will be fitted as standard on all aquaturbo® surface aerators from Q2-2020