Surface Aeration Myth Busters – No. 5

MYTH: – “Surface aerators cannot operate in shallow water”

FACT: aquaturbo® Surface Aerators are, in fact, ideal for shallow water applications because the design allows the draft to be reduced to suit the required water level. Each kW rating has a specific minimum operational water level.

Examples are 0.74m for 2.2kW; 1.0m for 11kW; 1.2m for 30kW; 1.6m for 75kW and 1.9m for 110kW.

Please note, these levels are based on draft plus 100mm. This clearance can be reduced to 50mm if the basin floor is concrete or if the floor is exceptionally level and free of deposits.

An Anti-Erosion Plate is often specified for operation in shallow earthen or membrane lined basins and when settled deposits are present.

For extreme applications, further reduction in draft is possible but this requires design changes to maintain stability, such as a larger diameter float.