Surface Aeration Myth Busters – No. 4

MYTH: – Surface aerators are noisy

FACT: Actually, no, they are not. The only discernible sound pressure from an aquaturbo® Model AER-AS Floating Surface Aerator is from water-impacting-water; namely, the innocuous, sound of the discharge flow hitting the water surface.

In a wastewater treatment plant, the most invasive and penetrating sound waves come from tonality generated by blowers, pumps, variable frequency drives and pipework or any combination thereof.

When entering some wastewater treatment plants, the dominant noise is often the high-pitched shrill of blowers and the resonance of air passing through stainless steel pipework. The tonality of blowers makes this sound particularly annoying.

Surface aerators do not exhibit this type of tonality with the sound of water movement being more in the broad band range.

If you compare the benign sound of surface aeration with other technologies, the myth that surface aeration is noisy is soon dispelled.