Surface Aeration Myth Busters – No. 3

MYTH: “Surface aerators create odours”

FACT: Yes, but not aquaturbo®; not all surface aerators are created equal. This is a common problem with “splasher” type surface aerators, which tend to throw water vertically and simply allow it to lose energy and fall to the surface.

Whilst at the top of the trajectory when velocity drops to zero the aerosol is most vulnerable to the influence of the slightest breeze.

Odour migration is most rampant when in combination with a carrier such as aerosol, so the combined effect of aerosol production, vertical velocity and wind is a perfect storm.

Conversely, aquaturbo® AER-AS Surface Aerators discharge horizontally and therefore maintain control of discharge velocity throughout the airborne phase.

The unique Screwpeller® is designed to “inject” the discharge back into the basin and entrain fine oxygen-rich droplets into the mixing pattern rather than allowing them to drift over the neighbours’ fence.