Surface Aeration Myth Busters – No. 1

Starting today Aeris Global will post a weekly issue of Myth Busters to dispel some of the concerns we receive and answer some of the questions asked.

MYTH: “Surface aerators aerate the surface only”

FACT: The name doesn’t help but nothing could be further from the truth. The aquaturbo® AER-AS Surface Aerator is manufactured with a draft to suit a predetermined water level range. Each model variant and kW rating has a standard draft as well as a minimum it can be reduced to and a maximum it can be extended to.

The correct draft is critical to generate the full depth, cylindrical mixing pattern. The aerator intake is radial at floor level and the discharge is radial at water level, so the top and bottom laminar layers move in opposite directions. This creates mid-layer rotation, which maximises bubble dwell time by inhibiting bubbles from rising vertically.