#stayconnected – We need to maintain personal contact with family and friends for our sanity and general wellbeing. We also need to #stayconnected with clients, consultants and contractors to keep the wheels of industry moving.

Our business, like any other, is built on relationships, many spanning decades. The strength of our company is directly proportionate to the strength of these relationships.

We pride ourselves on our willingness to travel to far-flung corners; to meet clients and to fully understand the unique conditions and challenges of each project.

Likewise, leading up to the lockdown, our Field Services engineers were almost continuously travelling to and working at, wastewater treatment plants on both sides of the Tasman. Obviously, travel by our entire team is on hold whilst Level-4 restrictions remain in place.

To #stayconnected we are promoting other forms of communication.

Loss of physical contact need not mean a loss of personal contact.