The latest product development project by the Aeris Global design team is a hand winch for retrieval and repositioning of floating aerators and mixers.

The project is driven by an ongoing desire to mitigate risk of personal harm by reducing the physical effort required to move equipment.

The product features an injection moulded reel with integral ring gears on each side. One side provides a 3:1 ratio and the other side allows further reduction to drive an auto-spooling device to evenly lay cable on the reel. Both planetary drives incorporate injection moulded planet gears but operating in different planetary configurations: static carrier on one side and rotating carrier on the other.

It is designed for attachment to the aerisanchor- Multi function Mooring System and to davits mounted on the otterdock – Safe Docking Platform.

The product is currently undergoing load and destruction tests at the Aeris Global test facility at Wanaka.