In our industry, aeration refers to dissolving oxygen in wastewater to keep aerobic bacteria alive. The process involves lots of bubbles. The idea is to produce the smallest bubbles possible and minimise contact with other bubbles.

The smaller the bubble, the slower the Rise Rate, this being the vertical velocity of a bubble in water. Each time a bubble doubles in diameter it’s Rise Rate increases by a factor of four, so size does matter.

If two or more bubbles make contact, they coalesce into larger bubbles and consequently Rise Rate increases rapidly.

The fight against Covid-19 also involves lots of bubbles, but a different kind. However, we can draw comparisons between real and metaphorical bubbles.

Allowing real bubbles to make contact rapidly increases Rise Rate; allowing OUR bubbles to make contact rapidly increases Covid-19 Transmission Rate and will cost lives.

Try not to let your small bubble coalesce with any other bubbles so we can all put this chapter of our lives behind us.

Sending kind thoughts from my bubble to yours. Please keep safe.