Is your WWTP due for a birthday?

Does it suffer from oxygen deficiency; poor oxygen dispersion and mixing; odour and noise problems?

There are many reasons why an aeration upgrade may be necessary, but typically involve one or more of the following:

– Oxygen shortfall may be a result of existing aerators being outmoded or inoperable.

– Perhaps the flow and loading’s have increased and now exceed the design capacity of the plant.

– Or maybe seasonal or diurnal peaks have changed.

An aeration upgrade can provide multiple benefits:
1. Increase aeration capacity often without increasing energy
2. Extend plant life or delay expansion
3. Reduce maintenance and downtime
4. Reduce noise and odour

Aeration upgrades can almost always be installed whilst the plant remains online.

Aeris Global will work with your preferred consultant, operations contractor or directly with the end-user.

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