Aqua Turbo and Aeris Global Partnership

2021 marks 18-years of continuous partnership between Belgium based Aqua Turbo Systems Group and Aeris Global. Aeris Global represents the interests of Aqua Turbo Systems Group for Australasia, in association with Australia based Green Process.

The relationship spans from sole ownership by founder, Johny Haegeman, through to his sale of the company to Paris headquartered SFA Group in 2019.

Mr Haegeman designed the flagship aquaturbo AER-AS Surface Aerator over 40-years ago. The product is now in operation throughout the world and is internationally regarded as the market leader; an accolade he remains very proud of.

Aeris Global has developed many friendships within the worldwide team of Aqua Turbo branches and partners and looks forward to continuing the relationship for many years to come.