Aeris Global reveals the secret to aquaturbo® success

Aeris Global reveals the secret to aquaturbo® success. Literally every performance advantage of the aquaturbo® Model AER-AS surface aerator can be attributed to its unique screwpeller® design.
In a nutshell, it instantaneously converts the vertical and axial suction flow to a horizontal and radial discharge flow whilst achieving negligible hydraulic losses.

This is due to the integral diffusion plate, which acts as a slinger. Virtually all mechanical energy is converted to kinetic energy and transferred to the water surface. The water surface is rapidly renewed so water with low oxygen concentration is brought in contact with air.

The exceptionally high renewal rate capitalizes on the principles of Oxygen Deficit. Oxygen Deficit is the difference between actual oxygen content and the saturation value of the water. The greater the difference the greater the Oxygen Deficit. The rate of oxygen transfer is inversely proportionate to DO concentration.