Aeris Global Aeration Upgrades

Volumetric or hydraulic capacity of existing civil structures such as lagoons, basins, tanks, or ditches is rarely the limiting factor of an aerobic process. Aeration efficiency almost always determines treatment capacity.

Aeris Global upgrades aeration systems when the existing plant is no longer economically viable or technologically capable of meeting process demands.

Aged and outmoded technologies are often accompanied by high energy consumption and high maintenance requirements.

Aeris Global has multiple aquaturbo® options to allow the upgrade of virtually any aeration system, whilst the plant remains online; any shape, any size, any depth.

Rapid and permanent aeration upgrades can be achieved without shutdowns or civil works. The total energy of the upgrade is usually within the existing capacity of the MCC due to the higher oxygen transfer efficiency of new technologies.

Is your current aeration system inefficient, outmoded or at end-of-life?