aerdisc® is coming!

aerdisc® Disc Aerator is the latest product development from the fertile minds of the Aeris Global design team. There is huge demand in the market for an efficient, directional aerator capable of operation in shallow, earthen constructed lagoons.

aerdisc® is a horizontal shaft aerator rotating at low-speed through a direct-drive, shaft-mounted reducer. aerdisc® floats on pontoons for ease of installation and to ensure constant disc immersion regardless of water level variation.

The unique shape of the injection moulded, segmental disc is the result of extensive CFD study and full-scale tank testing at the Aeris Global test facility in Wanaka. The operating principle involves a continuous cycle of harvesting atmospheric gases and dissolving oxygen as the partially immersed disc rotates.

aerdisc® is scheduled for release during Q3 of this year. Watch this space!